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Welcome to the programming part of the practice course of Geometric modelling (1).

Programming assignments

4th PA -- B-spline
2nd PA -- Bézier clipping
3rd PA -- Rational Bézier curve


Maximum points obtained in the programming part of the course is 60. In this part you are going to create 4 applications, 15 points each. One of the assignments needs to be graded with more than 10 points to pass the programming part of the course.
The grading of one assignment consists of two parts: During the discussion you will be asked several questions regarding mainly the implementational details of your solution.
In the discussion we reserve the right of veto -- if your answers are not satisfactory or you do not attend the meeting in the reserved time, the respective assignment will be graded by 0 points, regardless of the grading of implementation.

Submission rules

Programming assignments are written in C# language, using Visual Studio Community 2015/2017/2019 and WPF, i.e. similarly as previous semester.
For each programming assignment, detailed instructions, grading and necessary files (e.g. templates, data) are available. You can also use the code from other courses if it helps.
Assignments are submitted using the form which is published together with instructions. For each assignment, at least 2 weeks are reserved. Deadline is specified in the assignment and files will not be allowed to upload after it expires. Always submit the final version of your work.
Files submitted are: source files (.cs), executable file (.exe), and the folder with VS solution, so the application might be run on the PC using VS and also on the PC without VS.
These files are added to an archive (.rar, .zip, .7z) and this is submitted to the form.

Cheating is penalized by loss of 20 points from the final grading of the course for each person involved and each such assignment/exam. Even if only a part of the assignment is copied (from another student or previous courses), it is consired cheating. According to the faculty rules, cheating is the subject of the disciplinary process.
Even if it seems, that deadlines are far away, do not work on an assigment the last day before the date.


picture_as_pdf Basics of C# and creating WPF apps.

archiveSample app -- illustrating the Chaikin algorithm. Control vertices are entered by clicking onto the canvas and the curve is computed in-sit