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Modelling lesson 1 -- Introduction to Blender 2.8

We are going to work in Blender 2.8, which can be downloaded here.

In this course we will work on static scenes (animations are covered in the course Computer graphics (3)) and we will focus on the three parts -- illumination, materials and textures.

In the first part we will fly through the basics of Blender. As you may have alredy known, in the newest version 2.8x the interface is compeletely reworked. In my opinion, it is more user friendly and intuitive. However, if you were used to work in the older versions (2.7x), the transition to the new version should be smooth and without complications.

Keep the following links while working on your assignments: Now, we will get through the several tutorials. Additional notes are always included under the video.





Editing meshes

Here is a good explanation of how to work with meshes and how to edit them. Specifficaly, focus on the extrude tool, which is a very powerful editing tool.

Bonus assignment (2pts)

This assignment is optional! The aim of the assignment is to practice the basic work in Blender. Your task is to create a simple scene of a house and its surroundings. The scene contains separate objects as follows: Each object should be of distinct color, which is adjusted by going to the Materials Tab > Add new material > Change the base color. Submit the blender file to the following form until 3 May 2020:

file_upload Submission form